Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wondering Where I've Been?

I'll bet.

My problem is that I need reinforcement. A lot sometimes. And occasionally my jokes don't land and that's the worst. And I just plain ran out of steam on this, but I think I have a way back in.

And truth to tell, I don't know where to go next. Twitter? Facebook? Email? A postcard? Knock on your front door? It's exhausting.

Anyway, I am about to make a major announcement. So please return. I've figured out the key to success and I want to share it with everyone. No selective networking for me.

It will be my gift to all.

So stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can you tell? Does it show?

So I lost my job - my position was eliminated. Due to a downturn in business. Nothing personal and I get that. But it's hard to take any way.

Today, after I left outplacement, I went grocery shopping and I noticed a couple of men who were dressed professionally and were probably on their way home after work.

I felt self-conscious. Like they could tell I didn't have a job. Was it because I kept picking up items and checking the price and re-shelfing them? Could they read my mind? I looked over my shoulder a couple of times to see if they were looking. Am I wearing a big red E on my chest? Is there an arrow over my head pointing at me?

C'mon motivation and positive thoughts. Come and get me.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Project Runway Australia

If you're a fan of Regular Project Runway, you'll feel right at home watching PRA. From the leggy blonde host with an accent to the best one-liners on the tee-vee, this one is a pleasure.

The designers seem to get along, it's only been two episdoes after all, and the result is that they're just funnier to listen to and to watch. They are a diverse group, at least three are in their 40's, straight, gay, tattooed and not. All very watchable and several to care about.

I laughed out loud throughout the two episdoes which have been posted to blogginprojectrunway.

Nana's girdle ...
beaver (!) ...
knickers ...
bum flap ...
eat some lollies ...
soggy porridge ...
i don't need handcuffs to keep a man in my bedroom ...
she looks like cuppuccino ....
safe and boring (aaaah, Nina G) ....
and ... numerous F-bombs and the s-word.

Lots of fun!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Many Thanks

Thanks to all for your words of encouragement. Much appreciated!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Think I Smelled a Rose This Morning

It was kind of a sweet moment. I have a neighbor lady who walks her yellow Lab. They're both in their senior years. The pup has some type of problem because he moves both front legs at the same time instead of one after the other.

Well, she was walking her Lab with the lady who has the rescued Greyhound and as they came around the corner so did another lady who was walking only herself.

The lady sans pup yelled out "oh, my little kiddies" and both the ladies and the two pups smiled at her. The pups also wagged their tails.

I guess I should find moments like these every day during this period?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Comment On the Behaviors of Those Who Have Jobs

Let's call her Weasel, for fun, and that's because she's a sneaky corporate cheat. That sounds pretty mean. She was actually my very first friend there.

She just emailed me again, wishing me well.

In the message she said that she had just gotten back from a revitalizing walk in the valley.

What gets me is that she took a long lunch hour to do it. Without permission. She just did it.

A few weeks ago when they cut our salaries and other programs, it humbled me to try to be even more responsible.

Once again. Who doesn't get it? Them or me?

Someone tell me.

Will I Do it Again the Same Way?

Here's what's on my mind about this situation right now.

I know that yesterday morning, the same people who walked in late and took their time getting started before the axe fell behaved exactly the same way. The fact that several people in our own small group no longer had jobs doesn't make an impression on them at all.

As a matter of fact, one of my former co-workers (I tried to spell colleague but it didn't look right) posted on her Facebook that she 'was sad for Mark' and two people who worked in adjacent workstations to me posted replies.

From work!

On their personal FB pages!

They don't get it.

Or maybe I'm the one who doesn't get it.

Is it becasue I was raised by Great Depression Era parents? Work hard, come in early, stay late, don't make personal phone calls. Vacation requests are submitted in the form of a question, not a statement. Be a good boy.

That's how I behaved and look where it got me.

No where to go on a sunny day because if I went somewhere, I'd feel guilty.

That'll be a thought for another time, my friends.